Sunday, January 24, 2010

Productive Day!

First things first! Jaxson is home and healthy! I can't wait to meet him!

Secondly, today the hubby and I acted like grown-ups and did a little work on our finances! We filed his taxes...whoo hoo! We also pulled both our credit scores and they were not as bad as we thought. We do have a few things against us but it's definately not so bad.

Sometime in the next month I will be recieving a nice little check from a trust fund set up by my grandparents. When that check comes we are going to spend it rather responsibly! The majority will be spent on getting things off our credit, catching up bills, and put into a money market account. Yay! We are growing up!!

We are going to spend a little on a new sofa and tv stand as well as my new camera, hopefully a Canon Rebel! And I think we are getting one of those little net book computers! But I am so proud of us for spending most of it on clearing up our credit because last time I got a check we did not!

And it's almost me birthday! On Tuesday I will be 27!

Now I'm going to relax with my hubby on the very cold and very rainy day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Please Pray

My best friend, Kandi, gave birth to a little boy, Jaxon Charles, on Friday, January 15, 2010.

When he was born he was having trouble breathing to they took him for testing. Kandi and Tom were told that his lungs were a little weak and they put him on pressurized oxygen. Saturday morning they found out that he had a hole in his lung and the oxygen had actually caused his lung to collapse. He was transferred to a different hospital where they put a chest tube in. This oxygen acted as a medicine and as of this morning the tear is no longer visible!

God is awesome! Jaxson's lungs are a little underdeveloped but they should fix themselves in a couple of weeks. Now the big thing is to get this baby eating. If all goes according to plan he will be home with his mom, dad, brother, and sisters at the end of the week!

Please pray for them!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing In 2010

I spent New Year's Eve with my nieces, Caileigh and Taia, my hubby, my sisters, Rachel and Shauna, and Shauna's boyfriend Todd!
Despite Taia's face, she was very excited!

Me and Cameron, who did not enjoy wearing the tiara!!

Cameron and Caileigh in the smoke from the fireworks!

Rachel might kill me for this picture but I love it! Taia's looking at her like she's crazy!

They were running around making a ton of noise!

There's Todd! Shauna would not let me take a picture of her all night!

They are best friends and so cute!

Those noise blowers sucked!