Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Fall!

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. I look forward to it all summer, especially this year. It has been so hot in Georgia this summer and it still is. The high today is 91. Thank goodness next week we are supposed to see highs only in the high 70's/ low 80's!
Anyhoo....I decorated our house for fall for the first time. Usually I don't do anything for fall so I'm pretty excited. It's not much but I think it made a difference!

I found a huge branch in our neighborhood and pulled it apart to use in this vase. i think it turned out really well and it adds height to our mantle!

Pumpkin spice candles! They smell so good even when they aren't lit! The pine cones are from Target because believe it or not, I could not find any in our neighborhood!

More branches off of the huge branch. This is in our dining room!

An overview of our table.

A close-up of the napkins. The place mats and napkin rings are from Target and the napkins are from Pottery Barn.

Our breakfast table. The runner is from Target. I put candles in old wine bottles.

And it's not quite Halloween yet but I saw these salt and pepper shakers at Target and had to get them!

So cute!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My week in pictures

This is how I spend the majority of my week! Nothing too exciting but I still wanted to share!
Holt is 2, almost 3, and he is going to be Nemo for Halloween. His costume showed up Monday and he was so excited! Who wouldn't give candy to this sweet face?

I finally met little Miss Emily. My friend, Amanda, and I had lunch on Tuesday and caught up on life while Emily slept. Thank goodness she woke up in time for me to hold her!

Carpool. If you are not a parent or a nanny then you may not understand but look at the next picture....

Holt hates waiting in the line as much as I do!

Wednesday night Cameron and I finally saw The Bounty Hunter and I was so disappointed. That's all I have to say.

One of our dogs, Belle. She sleeps like this every day on the couch....spoiled and a little lazy!

How weird do the clouds look? This was Thursday morning. It's actually kind of cool!

Locke does not really like to take pictures. He'd rather be silly! We had a picnic at the park on Friday!

My giant sweet tea. Yum!

Sometimes they get along and it's really nice but then 5 minutes later they hate each pictures of that but trust me, it happens!

Me and my boys! I love my job!

Me and Locke!

Me and Holt!

Then after a great Friday, I got stuck in the worst traffic I've been seen in a long time. It already takes me and hour to get home and it took me over 2! Ugh!!!

Had to work saturday for a few hours and we spent time at Toy's R Us playing with trains!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have never been a big coupon user. Kroger sends me coupons in the mail and we use those but they are few and far between.
However, I was with my friend, Cassie and she enlightened me. I have now spent time online looking at coupons! It's really kind of fun! I know that might make me a nerd.
I registered my Kroger Plus card and added coupons to that this morning and if I were to use them all in one trip, which I don't think I would, but if I did, I would save $55! So, later today I am going to print off more coupons for a few other stores and see what I can save this weekend when we go shopping!
My husband might call me crazy but in this crazy economy anything we can do to save a few bucks is better than nothing!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


~I straightened my hair for the first time today in a VERY long time and it is very long. Longer than it's been in a few years.

~I realized that maybe I should cut my hair all off...

~My husband really likes me with long hair but he doesn't have to fix it and I always wear it in ponytails or go to sleep with it wet. I NEVER "fix" it.

~I had lunch with one of my oldest friends today...and her sweet little babe!

~I might now have a tiny bit of baby fever.

~It made me wish that I stayed in better contact with my friends...I am trying!

~I really want to go to a braves game with friends. We keep talking about it but never follow through.

~I also really want to go on vacation with my husband. Just somewhere for a weekend. Nashville would be nice.

~My sister just bought a house and is in the process of fixing it up. this has caused me to want to redecorate my house.

~I have spent a lot of time looking for inspiration photos for our dining room, guest room, and master bedroom.

~We need better jobs to finance all of these dreams and wishes.

~ I am going back to school in January. I have no idea what for but that's ok. Pretty sure the hubby is going back too. this should be interesting!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

We spent our Labor Day at my in-laws house. Lucky for us they live on a private lake. Unlucky for us, the temp was actually below 90 so the water was a bit chilly. I think I stayed in for all of 5 minutes before I jumped out!
I decided to take most of the pictures with my I-phone because I wanted to play around with the shake-it app, which I love. My husband did take a lot of pictures with our Rebel but these were more fun!

Way off in the distance is an actual water car. They kept going across the lake and driving off and then rushing back into the water. Kinda cool. The water looks really blue too! It was a beautiful labor day in Georgia!

My sweet husband. this was after he tried to get one of our dogs to "get the ball." She would not!

This is Puppy. She likes to roll around in the sand.

Elephant ears. Not sure if that's the real name but that's what we call them. My in-laws have a water feature and these have taken over. They just sprout up whereever they please. i love them because they blow in the wind. And they are huge. some are bigger than my head! I'm a nerd!

Another view of the lake. It really was a pretty day. And very calm.

Andrew and Molly (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) and one of their dogs, Jasmine. She had worn out the pads on her paws so they were trying to put baby socks on her. It didn't work.

Molly was throwing the ball for all four dogs. We have 2 and they have 2. It's a lot of legs running around!

Cameron and Andrew.

Just a pretty view walking down the driveway. Cameron had wanted to stay home but I was so excited to get outside!


This is Lucy, my in-laws yorkie. Her chip had just fallen out of her mouth. I thought this was funny!

Last but not least, me and my hubby. Not the best picture but hey, it's still a picture!