Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have never been a big coupon user. Kroger sends me coupons in the mail and we use those but they are few and far between.
However, I was with my friend, Cassie and she enlightened me. I have now spent time online looking at coupons! It's really kind of fun! I know that might make me a nerd.
I registered my Kroger Plus card and added coupons to that this morning and if I were to use them all in one trip, which I don't think I would, but if I did, I would save $55! So, later today I am going to print off more coupons for a few other stores and see what I can save this weekend when we go shopping!
My husband might call me crazy but in this crazy economy anything we can do to save a few bucks is better than nothing!

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