Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

We spent our Labor Day at my in-laws house. Lucky for us they live on a private lake. Unlucky for us, the temp was actually below 90 so the water was a bit chilly. I think I stayed in for all of 5 minutes before I jumped out!
I decided to take most of the pictures with my I-phone because I wanted to play around with the shake-it app, which I love. My husband did take a lot of pictures with our Rebel but these were more fun!

Way off in the distance is an actual water car. They kept going across the lake and driving off and then rushing back into the water. Kinda cool. The water looks really blue too! It was a beautiful labor day in Georgia!

My sweet husband. this was after he tried to get one of our dogs to "get the ball." She would not!

This is Puppy. She likes to roll around in the sand.

Elephant ears. Not sure if that's the real name but that's what we call them. My in-laws have a water feature and these have taken over. They just sprout up whereever they please. i love them because they blow in the wind. And they are huge. some are bigger than my head! I'm a nerd!

Another view of the lake. It really was a pretty day. And very calm.

Andrew and Molly (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) and one of their dogs, Jasmine. She had worn out the pads on her paws so they were trying to put baby socks on her. It didn't work.

Molly was throwing the ball for all four dogs. We have 2 and they have 2. It's a lot of legs running around!

Cameron and Andrew.

Just a pretty view walking down the driveway. Cameron had wanted to stay home but I was so excited to get outside!


This is Lucy, my in-laws yorkie. Her chip had just fallen out of her mouth. I thought this was funny!

Last but not least, me and my hubby. Not the best picture but hey, it's still a picture!

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