Sunday, January 24, 2010

Productive Day!

First things first! Jaxson is home and healthy! I can't wait to meet him!

Secondly, today the hubby and I acted like grown-ups and did a little work on our finances! We filed his taxes...whoo hoo! We also pulled both our credit scores and they were not as bad as we thought. We do have a few things against us but it's definately not so bad.

Sometime in the next month I will be recieving a nice little check from a trust fund set up by my grandparents. When that check comes we are going to spend it rather responsibly! The majority will be spent on getting things off our credit, catching up bills, and put into a money market account. Yay! We are growing up!!

We are going to spend a little on a new sofa and tv stand as well as my new camera, hopefully a Canon Rebel! And I think we are getting one of those little net book computers! But I am so proud of us for spending most of it on clearing up our credit because last time I got a check we did not!

And it's almost me birthday! On Tuesday I will be 27!

Now I'm going to relax with my hubby on the very cold and very rainy day!


Fouad and Amanda Jomaa said...

Glad that Jaxson is going home! Tell Kandi I said hello :-)

Laurel said...

first I LOVE the name Jaxson. Super cute.
second... way to clean up your credit scores... I know from cleaning up Justin's that it is Not easy! So good job
Third I just got a canon rebel and it will CHANGE your life... it is amazing! The best!

Thanks for commenting on my blog so I can follow yours. It seems like we have alotin common.