Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wii fun

Almost 2 weeks ago, Cameron and I headed to my sisters house for dinner and Wii! It's a bit of a hike for us to get over there but it was well worth the drive to be able to hang out with both of my sisters and my beautiful nieces!
Todd and Cameron grilled up some very delicious BBQ chicken but I am not allowed to post the pictures of people devouring it, although they are quite humorous! I did however get a few pictures of us playing Wii boxing!

Shauna kept getting closer and closer to the TV! I thought she was going to take it out!

Rachel just looks like a super model no matter what she's doing!

I KO'd my guy in like 5 seconds! That's my look of satisfaction!

Caileigh was swinging like crazy! The Wii helps with her Muscular Dystrophy!

Taia was so cute! Her tongue was out the majority of the time!

Caileigh took the picture of me and Cameron! I love it! And she loves her uncle!

We made some funny faces! Shauna and I had a little bit too much wine I think! Cai took the pictures of me and Shauna and of Todd!

I love this little girl! She cracks me up!
Rachel and Taia left earlier than me and Cameron which is why there are no funny face pictures of them or pictures of me and Taia! I love her to pieces too!!
I edited these photos in Picnik with the 1960's button because the lighting was off in most of the pictures and it helped make them look cool!
I am lucky and blessed to have my sisters close even though I wish we lived a little closer so that we could see each other more!

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Ioana-Carmen said...

Love it darling! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other! ;) Kisses from Romania!