Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our house!

This is our house. The picture is from when we had a ton of snow in February!

This is the guest bedroom. My in-laws actually helped decorate it. We have had several people stay here, including our friends from Germany!

This is our breakfast nook. Sorry the picture is not so great. The table is a loaner until we can find one but I like it!

Our house has 2 living rooms separated by a fireplace. This side is the library! We have alot of plans for this in the coming year!

This is the master bedroom. The picture makes it seem small but it is a very large room. It is painted a very soft grey-blue color. We are looking into getting a four poster california king size bed at the beginning of 2010!

This is the main living room. Again, sorry the picture is not the best. This is also going to get a major overhaul. We need a new couch and Cameron is going to build in the tv as well as put rock up the chimney!

This is our kitchen. I love it because of how big it is. The paint color is Hazel Woods by Ralph Lauren!

Our red dining room. I really liked it at first but I think we will be changing it here soon. We are also on the hunt for a bigger table.

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