Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Wedding day, 2 years ago!

I did not have a blog when I got married obviously so I am going to post a few pictures today.

We got married on July 28, 2007 on St. Simon's Island, Georgia. It rained harribly but they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!

We had a very small wedding. My mom was able to make it, as well as one of my sisters, Rachel. Shauna was not there, nor was Brianne.
Cameron's mom and dad were there, as well as his brother, Andrew, and his fiance, Molly. His Grandmother and Papa Lee were there too. And one of his very good friends, Eric, made it down.
My dad passed away 6 years ago. It was very hard to get through this day without him. I carried a single rose down the aisle and placed it on an empty cahir for him. I know he was there in spirit!

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