Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yummy Fondue!

Cameron took me to Dante's down the Hatch for our on year anniversary in 2004 and we started going every year after that. We missed last year because we had company from Germany but we made it this weekend even though it's not our anniversary!

Dante's is a very yummy fondue restaurant. I wish I had taken my camera inside but I forgot it in the car. It is basically a ship inside which is kinda awesome. There is live jazz music every night. The food and drinks are amazing!

Photo outside the entrance!

Outside of the restaurant are a bunch of older cars just sitting around. I think they are kinda neat!

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fondue recipe said...

Awww, that is so sweet of you guys to take time to do that. Better late than never I guess, lol! My husband and I love having fondue dinner, either at fondue restaurants (if we have enough budget, lol) or at home (if I have the time to prepare it). Although, since we had the twins, we can barely sneak out just the two of us, lol! Anyway, it's also a lot of fun dunking stuff in melted chocolates with 5-year olds boys, lol!