Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Finds

Good Sunday morning! I'm up before my husband, which isn't that unusual seeing as that I went to bed at about 10 last night and he didn't come to bed until after 2 AM!
So, I broke out the Christmas decorations earlier this week, including my snowman coffee mugs! You can also see a glimpse of the tree in the background. It's put together but not decorated yet. We're doing that this afternoon. It's one of my favorite things to do with my husband! I used to love doing it with my family, as a family, and I'm glad that I get to continue the tradition with Cameron! I will post pictures soon!

So, I hadn't intended to venture out into the chaos that was Black Friday but I needed out of the house and Cameron was at work so I headed to 2 stops, Target and Gamestop. Target was for me and Gamestop for Cameron. I was a good wife and got Cameron a game he wanted and it was $20 off! Plus, I reserved another game for him! Then I headed to Target...
There were 3 cops and about 6 security guards standing at the front of the store; and this was the Target at the Mall Of Georgia! No shopping carts or baskets! The store was absolutely crazy! But, I braved it and walked away with 4 items that I'd had my eye on for awhile!
Please don't mind this scary picture! I just woke up people! The point of the picture is the hoodie! It is sooooo soft! It's not sweatshirt material which makes it really slouchy. It was on super clearance! I think I paid $5!

My flannel shirt! Again, soooooo soft and it was 50% off. $8 people! And my husband loves that I'm going to wear a flannel shirt!

The cardigan and black pants are also both from Target. The pants are my favorite. They are skinny and stretchy but still have a sturdiness to them. Plus they look great with ballet flats!

Saturday we were supposed to have Thanksgiving dinner with my sisters but that didn't happen. Here's a picture though of me and Cameron because we don't take them that often!

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