Friday, November 26, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

Filling in the blanks sounds like fun while my husband sits next to me playing Fable III on the XBox. Yes we are that lame on a Friday night but we do have to get up early tomorrow. Anywhoo, here goes!!

1) Black Friday is absolutely chaotic. I remember being excited about getting up at 4 AM when I was a teenager to go shopping at the mall but not anymore!

2) Christmas shopping this year will include gifts for my nieces but not much more than that. We are on a very tight budget.

3) Holiday shopping makes me slightly flustered but usually excited because I can usually imagine the face of the person opening their gift!

4) This year my Christmas list will include not much of anything. My in-laws got us new bedding and I'm pretty sure I'm getting Clinique loot from the grandparent-in-laws. The people I worked for asked me what I wanted but I haven't decided. I'm leaning towards a GAP gift card though.

5) Bargain hunter, or full price shopper? I tend to buy things on sale because of the budget but I always fall in love with the full price items. It's really a problem!

6) The best thing about shopping is finding something new but the worst thing about shopping is dealing with all of the people, especially if I haven't had my coffee; or if my husband is with me! He hates to shop!

7) On-line shopper or in-person shopper? On-line is so much easier but then you can't try anything on and you have to pay for shipping. It's really a toss up and depends on my mood!

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