Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging Challenge Days 4 and 5

Im trying to get caught up on the challenge so I might post a few of these today and tomorrow, hopefully!

Day 4: My Parents

I wish I had pictures on my computer but they would have to be scanned in and I am at work for the week so that is not possible. Instead I will tell you a little about them.

My Dad! He was in the Navy and loved it. He loved to fly. He loved thunderstorms and would sit outside in the garage for hours watching them. He liked to cook. His food was amazing. He didn't even follow a recipe for any of it. To me, he was a great dad. He would wake me up in high school by coming in and pulling on my big toe!! He used to tell me if I wasn't up by 7 on the weekends that I was wasting the day away! My dad passed away 7 years ago and I still miss him terribly but I try and remember all of the good things that used to make him happy! He was a good dad!

My Mom! She is a good mom when I was really little and she's a good mom now. Growing up though, she wasn't around. My parents got divorced when I was 12 and my dad got custody of me and my sisters. My mom kind of disappeared. It was hard to grow up without her, but around the time my dad passed away she was back in our lives and our relationship has grown stronger ever since. She's there to talk when I need to talk and she was at my wedding. She lives in Florida so I don't see her very often but the fact that she is here and available to talk is really all that matters!

Day 5: Siblings

I have 3 sisters! Rachel is 25, Shauna is 23, and Brianne is 10! Brianne is our sister from our dad's 2nd marriage that also ended in divorce. I am very close to Rachel and Shauna. We usually talk/email everyday. They both have beautiful daughters. Rachel has a 4 year old named Taia who is sassy and a priss-pot just like her momma! Shauna has a 6 year old named Caileigh who is spunky and mischievous just like her!

I don't see Brianne as often as I would like but she is in my thoughts and prayers every day. Her mother keeps her away from me and from Rachel too. Shauna gets to see her though so that's good. My dad never got to know her though and that makes me sad.

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