Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starting tomorrow...

I will be taking care of my two favorite boys until Sunday. Whew, full-time parenthood here I come! I've done it before but for some reason I always feel a bit unprepared. It's one thing to take care of them from 7Am until 6Pm but to have them 24/7 for 5 days... it's a good thing I love them!!
I have planned a few fun activities and we'll do some of our normal things too. Plus, Thursday morning they will both be in school so I'll have a little break!

We are planning a dinner trip to a local airport to watch planes take off. Friends are joining us so it should be a fun adventure!

I'm sure we will spend lots of time outside

Playing with Lulu!

Playing soccer!

Of course we'll be playing with trains and cars and all the other stuff boys play with!

And painting! They love to paint!

Hopefully I'll sneak in a couple walks too!

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