Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating 3 years!

Our 3 year anniversary is tomorrow but since we will both be at work we decided that we would celebrate it on Saturday! The original plan was to go to lunch and then to see Inception but I am not so smart and I looked at the times for the wrong theater so we never made it to the movie. :(
Oh well, the day turned out wonderful anyway!
This is at Cameron's parents house. We wound up over there for dinner and an evening swim in the lake!

We decided on a Japaneses steakhouse for lunch so that Cameon could have sushi. Sorry for the poor quality, my Iphone doesn't take the best pictures!

Cameron's not the biggest fan of having his picture taken. Not sure what he's thinking about...maybe he wants to pound me!! Hope not!!

Cameron's parents live on a private ski lake. It was nice and calm which is quite surprising on a Saturday evening but it was nice for us!

He's so handsome!
I may be the aspiring photographer but Cameron's not too shabby!!

Tomorrow I will have pictures from our wedding. Our photographer was not so great but some of the pictures are ok.

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Marissa said...

Happy anniversary!!!!

Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your writing. I love what you did with the single red rose and placing it on a chair. I think that's such a special idea. And the navy wings - my dad was in the navy too. So great to hear from someone who gets it.
Thank you!