Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Day Late....

And yes, I am fully aware that it is Saturday! I totally forgot about this yesterday! I'm going to link up anyways because I want too!! So head on over to Lauren's website, to play along!

1) Holiday Spirit makes me happy! I love this time of year. Most people are a little nicer this time of year!

2) The holidays are incomplete without listening to B 98.5 everyday! They start play Christmas music on Thanksgiving! And spending time with family. I miss my dad more and more every Christmas.

3) My favorite things to do around the holidays is decorate and buy stuff for other people because I know that, usually, it will put a smile on their face!

4) A holiday tradition my family and I have is hmmmm...this is a hard one. We go to my in-laws on Christmas Eve for Winder Chicken Stew. Don't ask! It's delicious though! But since my dad passed away my side of the family doesn't really follow our traditions anymore. I'm still a huge believer in putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving! The hubby and I are going to work on some of our own though.

5) Holiday music is amazing! I can't wait for it! It puts me in the mood for Christmas every year!

6) This year, I'll be spending the holidays with my in-laws on Christmas Eve and Christmas afternoon; with my hubby Christmas morning; and at some point we will squeeze in a day with my sisters and nieces and hopefully my mom!

7) Holiday wish list? Good question...I never know what I want because I usually just but it when I want it. I could use some new clothes though and I just got the new JCrew catalogue in the mail! But Etsy has some amazing things on it too! And I've been dying for a pair on Toms....just have to pick a pair! Hmmmm....

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Mrs. Fine said...

Ohhh...I too love the JCrew catalog...I picture the day I may be able to walk in and just buy what I want without guilt!