Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fill in The Blank...Sunday?

Hi lovelies! I completely forgot to do this on Friday and then again yesterday so here I am today! I love "Fill in the blank Friday" from Lauren so even though it's Sunday morning, here are mine!

1) Winter is so cold it hurts but not cold enough for snow most of the time. Although it's already snowed here once and we're supposed to get a lot tonight and tomorrow!

2) Summer is bright and cheerful but also humid. I hate the humidity in the south.

3) If it were summer right now instead of winter I'd be at the pool or at my in-laws house out on the lake just soaking up the sunshine!

4) My favorite thing to do in winter is sit by the fire and read or blog and drink coffee or tea. Anything inside really!

5) My favorite thing to do in summer is to be by any body of water because then it doesn't really matter how humid or hot it is. And I love for my husband to grill and to sit on patios and drink iced tea or margaritas!

6) The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is a dress and sandals and sunglasses and my hair piled up on my head

7) The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is layered tops so you can shed them when you get inside, thick socks, and boots! And a hat and gloves! And pants!

I wish summer was closer. It's been so cold here in Georgia lately. They're calling for 5-7 inches of snow in metro Atlanta tonight and more up north. I live an hour north of Atlanta! Uh-oh! We'll see what happens!

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