Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little venting and 365 Project

Going back to work on Friday was harder than I thought it would be. Followed by the fact that I worked all day yesterday and I'm about to go work all day today at a place where I should only be taking pictures. That was confusing even to me. Any are the rest of last weeks Project 365 photos!

Belle really wanted to me to throw the ball and get the camera out of her face! Once I took this picture, she got her wish!

I have wanted a pair of Toms for such a long time! I ordered these at the end of December but since we were hit with the snow and ice, they just arrived on Friday! I love them and I'm already dreaming about a pair of red ones for summer!

As I said, I worked yesterday. It was awful. Plus my husband who was supposed to go to the store to get dinner, found out that he had left his lights on so his battery was dead. It was a horrible day so we had takeout. Very unhealthy but oh so yummy! And this fortune was worth it!
Now I must go get ready for another awful day. I was just supposed to be taking pictures at a birthday party. You know, perfecting my skills and allowing parents to enjoy their childs party. Now I must take the photos and run the place! Oh joy!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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